Success Stories

Before my daughter began vision therapy with Barbara Yong, she was a very reluctant reader. She had a short attention span and minutes into writing she would complain of headaches and eye fatigue. She struggled with tracking while reading, spacing while writing, and was clumsy when moving. Then we found Barbara! During Charlotte's sessions with Barbara, she was treated with respect, kindness and patience. Charlotte looked forward to going to her vision therapy sessions because the exercises were enjoyable and Barbara was always so encouraging. As a result of Charlotte's vision therapy, she is now a voracious active reader. She writes stories on her own, focuses longer on a task, has become better at organizing her space and her recall of visual material has improved. Barbara not only made the most of our in office session time but always provided us with exercises to continue at home, helping to reinforce and make the most of the therapy. Barbara Yong creates a loving, safe environment for both the child and the parent. I always looked forward to the reading material she provided and the encouragement and understanding she gave as a parent herself. We will forever be grateful to Barbara for opening Charlotte's world to the pleasure of reading and writing.

All the best to you!
- Erin
Thank you so much for your patience and love and helping Mila with her vision. She is doing amazing! I will miss seeing you every week! We really looked forward to it.
You are a treasure!
- Love Michelle
Dear Barbara,
Thank you so very much for all your help in vision tutoring with Daniel. We were sad to end our weekly times with you as Daniel always felt encouraged by you and your exercises with him. His desire for reading has improved greatly and he no longer says that he "hates reading" He is comprehending the passages much better and able to stay focused for much longer. He also shared with me that his coordination in sports is much better and feels as though he is able to catch and hit the balls in baseball greater than ever before and enjoys playing with the neighborhood children.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment. Your heart for these children and encouragement to them is so valued. Thank you!

Take care,
- Michelle
Thank you so much for all you have done for my son. You have truly made a difference in his life (and in our lives as his parents). We will miss coming to see you. We appreciate you. From one mom to another, you have truly been a blessing.

- A grateful mom
Will's first grade teacher noticed that he would tilt his head, rub his eyes and lay his head on the desk during reading and writing time. After Will's sessions his mom reported: Our son's reading, writing and basic phonics were not at grade level, even though he is very bright: he could construct engineering wonders for hours; but his mind had locked the rest of his knowledge away. Will had become frustrated and his self-confidence was low. Barbara opened Will's world. She trained his eyes and mind to work together: she restored the self confidence he had as a toddler. Now, Will smiles and laughs more, and answers questions in class. He even hit a baseball for the first time! There are people who come into our lives that make such a profound impact that we are forever changed. Gratefully, our lives will never be the same.