Welcome to Vision Fundamentals

I started vision fundamentals as an outreach to children who struggle with reading and learning. I know how frustrating it can be to see your child struggle with reading and not know how to help or even who to turn to for guidance. As a former homeschool mom and a Certified Vision Therapist for over 10 years I also know the financial challenge of getting help for your child. I am offering my services at a reasonable rate that families can afford. I work with all ages and especially enjoy those children who are on the autistic spectrum

There is a Difference Between Sight and Vision

Sight is the result of what happens when light shines into your eyes. Vision is the ability to interpret and understand information that comes through the eyes and is a learned process. Interpretation of visual stimuli occurs in the brain, not in the eyes.Vision is the ability to move both eyes together, to focus and to perceive the world around us so that we are able to interpret and process information. If the visual foundations are not solid or developed properly, the unstable system will begin to function under stress.

Signs of a Visual Perceptual / Spatial Problem

Some of the symptoms we see in our children such as re-reading lines, skipping lines, losing their place, headaches,and dislike of reading can be a sign of an eye movement , eye teaming, or eye focusing issue combined with a visual perceptual/spatial problem. In order to read and write efficiently the two eyes must be able to team together so that both eyes aim at the same word and fuse the image coming from the two eyes so they see only one image ; they also need to move back and forth across a printed page rapidly and accurately without visual stress occurring over time.

I Can Help Your Child

Through fun specialized activities I help children learn how to make both eyes work together and team properly and how to track their eyes smoothly over the printed page so they don't skip lines. If these skills are unstable or not developed properly the child will be operating under stress and struggle to learn. Children are smart enough to realize they aren't learning at the expected pace and start to think of themselves as "dumb" or "stupid". No matter how hard they try they can't keep up which increases their stress.

I am not just offering a set of activities that will help your child improve his visual perception. I am offering each child a chance to see that they are not dumb or stupid; each child is capable and can learn how to do things. I teach them skills and encourage them that they can learn. I want to help them gain confidence and see themselves as a fantastic unique work of art with much to offer the world.

I offer one hour sessions made up of 45 minutes one on one with your child and then time at the end to answer questions and teach you their home activity. There is a discount for prepaying for 10 sessions upfront. 10 weeks prepaid is only $400.

Contact me at barbara@visionfundamentals.com or call (702) 374-4164 if you have any questions or to reserve a spot. Located in Centennial Hills area near the 95 and the 215