Vision plays a vital role in all learning and relating, especially for those on the spectrum. A childs development is the result of knowledge acquired from experience through all the senses and continues throughout life. Vision provides comprehension of what one sees, of the sequential order in which it is seen and of the space in which it takes place.

"Often times the underlying but undetected cause of developmental delays, including problems with motor control,cognition and emotional regulation, result from poor development of visual / spatial skills. Poor visual / spatial abilities impact not only a child's sense of place and security in the world but also his emotional and social development." - Susan R. Barry, Ph.D

Many times these children with an undeveloped visual / spatial system show signs of anxiety such as:overly fearful and reactive to new situations and unpredictable events;panic reactions when they turn around and don't see their parent or can't find the object they need; helpless or frustrated when a task requires using space, tracking, finding items.

My visual perceptual tutoring will help address 6 different visual / spatial areas that can have a profound influence on your child.

Something as simple as catching a ball can be overwhelming for the child who does not have an understanding of his body, knowing where he is in space in relation to the person getting ready to throw the ball, where the ball is in relation to where he is standing, if the ball is getting closer, or how to extend his hands to catch it.

I am sure you have seen the child who just watches the ball without knowing what to do. They let the ball land and then pick it up.Some children become alarmed as something is coming toward them and don't know how to get away, they are fearful of being hit.

This one simple example of playing ball shows that the child who does not develop these necessary visual / spatial skills can suffer serious implications. Because we depend on what we see to function in so many areas, visual / spatial development can be a hidden challenge that connects and therefore affects all aspects of development. The child who reaches school age and can not play ball or run with the crowd misses social opportunities that can negatively affect his self esteem. It goes beyond just playing ball. These skills are involved in many areas of life. The child who cannot find her way in the hallway at school, or find her locker, or follow directions, or follow a sequence in a story will struggle in these areas. These are symptoms of an undeveloped visual spatial system. I can help your child develop the Visual Perceptual / Spatial Skills that they are lacking.

I work one on one with each child and length of treatment may vary depending on the needs of the child.The activities I provide are geared to helping them overcome obstacles that keep them from succeeding in life. I adjust the activities so that they are challenging without being overwhelming. One activity may be high level and challenging for one child and low level and routine for another.I try to find the right level of challenge so the goal is not too high or too low and I let the results of the child dictate the next step----either more complex if it is too easy or less complex if it appears too hard. Your child's actions and results will determine my next step; we will see change. Our goal will be to keep moving forward developmentally and has to proceed at the child's pace. I will be flexible, creative and responsive to your child's experience and choices.

How do we get started? Contact me. I offer a free two part consultation. Our first step will be to talk privately as I do not want to discuss your child in front of him. I count a lot on the insight you have about your child; you are with them so much more than I am and know what makes them "tick". After we talk and I find out the areas you are concerned the most about we'll set up the time for the second step, which is a free consultation with your child. I will use activities to check his visual perceptual / spatial development and also how well his two eyes are working together.

I look forward to working with you and your child .